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Clean Planet Inc.


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Developing “Quantum Hydrogen Energy”, a future energy for the earth 

Hideki Yoshino, the founder and president of Clean Planet Inc., established the company in 2012 with the aim of developing clean energy for the future society after the natural disasters caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the secondary damage caused by the nuclear power plant. In 2015, in collaboration with an industry-university research team led by Professor Yasuhiro Iwamura of Tohoku University, the company established a joint research division to create quantum hydrogen energy, a clean energy source. In Japan, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)’s advanced research program for energy and environmental technologies (FY2015 to FY2017) has conducted demonstration work on the basic technology for quantum hydrogen energy, and it was well-received. Overseas, competition for the development of quantum hydrogen energy is intensifying around the world, especially in Europe and the United States, and major companies representing various industries have recently begun to enter the race to develop quantum hydrogen energy. In this context, the company has been attracting attention as a world-leading developer of quantum hydrogen energy. Currently, the company is expanding from the stage of empirical research of basic technologies to the stage of starting practical experiments in collaboration with leading companies in various industries. At present, the company has applied for 17 families of patents, and is gradually expanding its business in Japan and 16 countries, and has received 6 patent decisions in Japan and 20 overseas so far.                                                                              In 1995, Mr. Yoshino founded GABA, a one-on-one English conversation school, which was revolutionary at the time. He is a business person who sold the company to a fund in 2004 for further growth. We have high expectations for how he tackles new challenges.

The term “quantum hydrogen energy” refers to the thermogenic reaction that occurs due to quantum phenomena during the diffusion process when hydrogen is stored in nanoscale metallic composites at several hundred degrees Celsius.

  1. Revolutionary Energy
  2. One gram of hydrogen can provide as much heat energy as 8 tons of gasoline.
  3. Clean, reliable, and safe

According to common sense in current physics, a reaction field in a plasma state of 100 million degrees Celsius or higher is necessary for the sustained transformation of elements, and the development of ITER, which will create such a field, is underway under international cooperation, but its practical application has been significantly lagging behind. In contrast, quantum hydrogen energy, which is being researched by the joint research division consisted of Clean Planet and Tohoku University’s Research Center for Electron-Photon Science, generates heat through quantum phenomena of hydrogen atoms at low temperatures ranging from room temperature to several hundred degrees Celsius. Specially-Appointed Professor Iwamura and Visiting Associate Professor Ito of Tohoku University are both world-leading researchers who were involved in research on “new elemental transformations” at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and have achieved world-class results. The duo is aiming to realize innovative energy that can be put to practical use by using the heat generated from new elemental changes as an energy source. Based on the power generation method using “quantum hydrogen energy” established through research with Tohoku University, Clean Planet aims to spread the use of the new energy by incorporating it into products and mass-producing it.


↑Professor Yasuhiro Iwamura of Tohoku University (right) and Takehiko Ito, Director and CTO of the company (Visiting Associate Professor), working on a basic experiment.


Quantum Hydrogen Energy

When we make nanoscale metal composites absorb hydrogen and interact with each other by applying stimuli under certain conditions, they release innovative energy that is orders of magnitude greater than any known chemical reaction without emitting any CO2. It is said that one gram of hydrogen has an energy content equivalent to 8 tons of gasoline.

Innovative energy with no CO2 emissions and no radiation

Quantum hydrogen energy is extremely clean energy, and the reactions do not occur in a chain reaction, so there is no danger of out-of-control accidents such as the meltdown feared in nuclear power generation. The fuel is hydrogen, which is inexpensive and inexhaustible on the earth. The utilization of heat energy is expected to be replaced by the conversion to electric energy.

  1. A thermogenic phenomenon in which special nanoscale metals (e.g., nickel and copper nanofilms) absorb hydrogen and, when stimulated to interact with each other under certain conditions, release more than 1,000 times as much energy per gram of hydrogen as a normal combustion reaction without emitting any carbon dioxide (CO2).
  2. In the proprietary thermogenic method developed by the Clean Planet/Tohoku University team, nanoscale materials, mainly inexpensive metals (nickel and copper), and the light hydrogen stored in them interact with each other when stimulated under certain conditions, causing thermogenic phenomena in the low-temperature range below 1,000°C.
  3. The “reaction part,” the heart of the proprietary heat-generating phenomenon, leads to the advantage of being able to design inexpensive and compact final products, which can be easily mass-produced. It also achieves the world’s highest level of heat-generating energy density per gram of hydrogen.




The estimated market size is 1 trillion yen in Japan and over 200 billion US dollars (about 22 trillion yen) worldwide after 2026. (the company’s forecast)

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Clean Planet is conducting a series of basic and practical research on “quantum hydrogen energy” and aims to be the first in the world to put it to practical use. Through the design of small generators with extremely high power generation efficiency and the licensing of their technology, the company will spread the new, safe, stable, and affordable clean energy to every corner of the world.


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(May 19, 2021)